Anouncing Your Presence

When entering your house, make your presence known to those inside before approaching them, so that they may not be startled by your sudden appearance. Do not appear like one who is searching for fault in them.

Sayyiduná Abú ‘Ubaidah ‘Ámir Ibn Ábdullah Ibn Masood [Radiallahu anhu] said, “When my father Ábdullah Ibn Masood [Radiallahu anhu] used to enter the home, he would make his presence known by speaking and raising his voice (so that they may become aware).”

Imam Ahmad Ibn Hambal [Rahimahullah] said,” When a person enters his house, it is recommended that he coughs or taps his shoes.” His son ‘Abdullah [Rahimahullah] said,” When returning home from the masjid, my father used to announce his arrival before entering by tapping his shoes. At times, he would do so by coughing.”

Imam Bukhari and Imam Muslim [Rahimahumullah] have recorded from Sayyiduná Jabir [Radiallahu anhu] that Rasulullah [Sallallahu álayhi wa sallam] prohibited a person from unexpectedly surprising his family at night, whether returning from travel or otherwise, as though he mistrusts them or is merely searching for a fault in them.


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