Timing Your Visit

Choose an appropriate time for your visit. Do not visit at inconvenient times such as mealtimes, or when people are sleeping, resting or relaxing. The length of your visit should be in accordance with your relationship with your hosts, as well as in accordance to their circumstances and conditions. Do not overstay your welcome by making your visit too long or burdensome.

Imam An-Nawawi [Rahimahullah] says in his book, “Al-Adhkár”,

“It is strongly recommended for muslims to visit pious people, brothers, neighbours, friends and relatives, and to be generous, kind and obliging to them. However, the duration of the visit varies according to host’s circumstances. The visit ought to be conducted in a pleasant manner and at times convenient to them. There are numerous ahádith and sayings in this regard.”

When you address your host, only discuss appropriate topics together with maintaining brevity in your speech. If you are the youngest in the gathering, then you should only speak when responding to a question posed to you by someone, unless you are certain that your input will be effective, leave an impression and that it will please those present. Do not be lengthy in your speech. Neither should you be careless in your sitting posture, and manner of address.


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