Other Manners of Visiting the Sick

One visiting the sick pught to wear clean clothes with good scent in order to make the patient feel better both spiritually and physically. At the same time, it is inappropriate to wear fancy clothes that are more appropriate for occasions of happiness. One should avoid wearing a strong smelling perfume which may inconvenience the sick.

Visitors should avoid causing distress to the sick by conveying bad news such as failing business, a death or similar bad news. Also, visitors should not enquire about the details of the illness for the purpose of mere conversation. This will not benefit the sick in any way, unless the visitor is a specialized physician. Similarly, visitors should not recommend to a patient any food or medicine that might have helped them or someone else. Such recommendations might lead the ill person, out of ignorance or desperation, to try it, causing further complications or even death.

Do not critcise or object to the treatment by the physician in the presence of the ill person for it cast doubt in the mind of the sick.

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