Rights of the Guest and Duties of the Host

If you are having a guest overnight, be hospitable and generous. This does not mean you should exaggerate when providing food and drink to your guest. Moderation without excess is the sunnah. You should try your best to make your guests’ stay pleasant and comfortable during their state of being awake or asleep. Inform your guests of the direction of qiblah and show them the way to the bathroom and place for wudhu etc.

When you offer your guest a towel after a shower, wudhu or washing hands after meals, make sure that the towel is clean. Do not offer towels, you or your family members have used. It is also a good idea to offer guests some perfume and a mirror. Make sure the toiletries and bathroom accessories they will be using are clean and sanitized. Before leading your guest to the bathroom, inspect it and remove anything you dont want your guest to see.

Your guest may need some rest and a quiet sleep. Spare them the noise of the children and the noise of the house as much as possible. Remove female clothing and belongings from their view. This is a desirable practice that will leave you both feeling comfortable. When meeting your guests, serve them with tact and respect. Dress properly and look your best but do not overdo it. The close relationship between you and the guest is no excuse for negligence in your manners or looks.

Imam Bukhari [Rahimahullah] in Al-Adabul Mufrad reported that our forefathers used to dress appropriately when visiting one another.

If you visit a relative or friend, you should be considerate of your host’s circumstances and work commitments. Shorten, as much as possible, the duration of your stay by him, since every person has various duties, obligations and responsibilities, some of which may not be known to you. Be considerate of your hosts and help them with their duties, house chores and obligations. While at your host’s house, do not inspect and examine every corner, especially when you are invited beyond the guest room, lest you see something that you are not supposed to see. In addition, do not bother your guest by asking too many questions.


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  1. sarah said,

    February 11, 2013 at 1:46 pm

    hadiths and verses should be mentioned

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