The Length of the Visit

Make your visit brief. Sick persons may not be able to withstand such long visits. The length of the visit should not be longer than the duration the Imam sits between two khutbahs on Friday.

It is said that the etiquette of visiting a patient is that you utter your greeting and immediately thereafter you bid farewell to him.

A poet says:

“The best visit is every third day,

And then to remain seated for the blink of an eye,

With many questions, do not bother the patient,

A question as brief as two or three words are sufficient.”

That is by asking him, “How are you?”

“May Allah cure you.”

At the end of his book of Maliki Fiqh, Al Káfí, Imam Ibn Abdil Barr [Rahimahullah] says, “When visiting a healthy or sick person, one should sit where one is told. Hosts know better how to ensure privacy in their home. Visiting an ill person is an emphasised sunnah.”

The best visit is the shortest. The visitor should not sit for too long, unless they are close friends and the ill person enjoys his company.

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