Visiting the Sick

It is the right of your Muslim brother that you visit him during the time of illness. This will enhance and nourish the bond of Islam and brotherhood between you. The rewards for this are so great that they cannot be overlooked by one who wishes to increase his deeds.

Rasulullah [Sallallahu álayhi wa sallam] said, “When a Muslim visits his brother, he will remain in the khurfah of paradise until he returns.” Rasulullah [Sallallahu álayhi wa sallam] was asked, “What is the khurfah of paradise?” He replied, “The harvest of paradise.” Rasulullah [Sallallahu álayhi wa sallam] said, “One who goes walking to visit a patient, continues to sink in the mercy of Allah. When he visits, he will be totally immersed in mercy.” [Ahmad & Ibn Hibbán in his Sahih]

Forget not that there are certain etiquettes which will make yout visit to an ill person a refreshing and morale-boosting one for him. By abiding these etiquettes, you will assist in easing his pains and you will also make him more conscious of the rewards that he will gain in return for being patient during his suffering.


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