Brief Advice to Muslim Sisters

When you intend to visit your relatives or your Muslim sisters, carefully select the appropriate day and the hour of your visit and its duration. There are appropriate and inappropriate times for paying visits even to relatives and friends. [1]

Ensure that your visit is pleasant, brief and enjoyable. Avoid turning it into a boring, wearisome, inquisitive and lengthy visit. Instead, it should be a visit whose purpose is to rekindle and nourish an old friendship or kinship. The visit is desirable if it is short and considerate, and it is undesirable, if it is long and tiresome during which conversation moves from being purposeful and valuable to being aimless and useless.

The honourable Tábi’í, Muhammad Ibn Shiháb Az-Zuhrí [Rahimahullah] said, “When a meeting becomes too long, shaytan then has a share in it.”

Ensure that during the visit most, if not all your talk, is of value. Keep away from backbiting, gossip and idle talk. A wise muslim woman (and man) does not have time for such talk.

[1] This also applies to phone calls.


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