Selecting Suitable Topics

In Surah Al-Hajj, Allah described the believer “And they have been guided to the purest of speeches; and guided to the path of Him who is worthy of all praise.” When you talk during your visit, don’t speak unless you are asked to, or unless you know that your speech and words will be well received and will please the host and other guests. Don’t prolong your speech. Use a proper tone of voice. Anas reported that “the Prophet’s S.A.W.S. talk was clear and concise. Not too much nor too little. He disliked loquacity and ranting.” Bukhari narrated a Hadith in which Aisha said “The Prophet’s S.A.W.S. talk (was so little) that you can count his words”.

If you hear the Azaan you must listen and respond to the call of Allah. Many people, even those with Islamic knowledge continue talking while the Azaan is being called. This is rude, since those hearing the Azaan should listen to it and quit speech, study and even Qur’an recitation. Solemnly they should repeat the words of the Azaan and reflect on the words of the highest call. We should listen to the Azaan, whether we are at home, office, shop, or attending a lesson, even if it’s a religious lesson. Imam al-Kasani in Badaiu Al-Sanaei’ said: “Those hearing the Azaan or Iqama should not talk. Even if reading Qur’an or doing other noble things, everything should be stopped to listen and respond to the Azaan.”

The Azaan is the food of the soul nourishing it with faith and elevation. Do not forgo your share of it. Teach this to your children and friends. Al Bukhari narrated a Hadith by Abu Saeed Al-Khudri that the Prophet S.A.W.S, said “If you heard the call say like what the Muezzin is saying.” In another Hadith reported by Jaber that the Prophet S.A.W.S. said “He serves my help on the day of judgment who said when hearing Azaan: O Allah, the Lord of this perfect call and imminent prayer, please award Muhammad S.A.W.S. the help, nobility, and the desired status you promised him.”

Imam Abdul Razaq narrated in his Musanaf that Ibn Juraig said: “I was told that people used to listen to Azaan like they would listen to recitation of Qur’an. They would repeat after the Muezzin. If he said: Come to prayer, they will say: With the help and power of Allah. If he said: Come to the good deed, they will say: With the will of Allah.”


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