Morals Pertaining to Friday and its Prayers

On friday, one is required to observe the following:

1) To prepare himself for Friday prayer since thursday and friday night by cleaning his body and washing clothes.

2) To perform Ghusl before going to mosque to offer Friday prayer.

3) To beautify himself by using Miswak to brush teeth, wearing perfume, shaving pubic hair, trimming moustache, applying olive oil on head and clipping nails.

4) To walk to the Masjid early to pray Friday prayers and to intend to observe itikaf in the Masjid.

5) To avoid stepping over other’s neck in the Masjid.

6) To avoid walking infront of those praying.

7) To pray in the first row.

8) To repeat the adhan behind the Muaddhin and to listen attentively to the Friday khutbah.

9) To offer 2,4 or 6 rakaat sunnah prayers after the Fardh prayer. This should not be done immediately after the fardh prayers. One should do so after talking to someone or leaving his place.

10) To stay in the Masjid till ‘Asr.

11) To seize the honourable hour in which Allah answers the call of His devout servants. Some scholars say it is the time between imam sitting down and till friday prayer finishes. Others say it is the last hour after the ‘Asr prayer. Abu Bakr al-Athram [Rahimahullah] says that the hour may move between the above mentioned times.

12) Sending Salawat excessively upon the Prophet[Sallallahu ‘alayhi wasallam].

13) To recite Surah al-Kahf.

[Mukhtasar Minhaj al Qasidin]